There's more to search engine optimization than just blogs and keywords.

Search engine algorithms are complex and they change all the time. Achieving success with your website isn't merely about pushing keywords into blogs but requires a strong understanding of search technologies. So, what does it takes to improve your search engine ranking?


Any Search Engine Optimization exercise has to start with an understanding of the current state. An accurate assessment will provide you insights on where your optimization efforts should focus on. And to get the insights you need to focus on setting reporting tools such as Google Analytics well.

Local Search Optimization

Search engines today provide localized results and, therefore, it is imperative that you get your local search rights. And you would be surprised that you don’t have to start with your own website but with tools such as Google My Business, and Bing Places. We believe that all SEO exercises need to begin with local search optimization.

Technical SEO

If your marketing services provider is not talking about technical SEO, it’s time that you start looking for another one. Technical SEO enables you to parse metadata to search engines using code sets in accordance with standards such as or Open Graph. These technologies enable you to provide metadata for your organization and associated social properties, people, products, job postings, recipes and more. Unleash the power of your website with the infusion of the right schema code sets.

The importance of HTTPS

The hypertext transfer protocol needs to get a necessary add-on - s - i.e. secure. More and more content is consumed over browsers that look for https. If you have not enabled SSL (Secured Socket Layer) on your website, you should do that immediately.


Content continues to be the king. Corporate blogs often ignore the basics of search engine optimization, when blogs are written. Since most of the content on the website is static, search engines get bored crawling through your site. Blogs can be effective mechanisms to keep your website alive. 

Job Postings

Do not ignore job postings. Job postings are a great driver for incoming traffic. Appropriate posting of jobs on the website will improve indexation and drive traffic to your website.

Product Content

We see many small and medium businesses do not spend adequate time putting product content together. Content is the starting point for any product literature. Articulate your products and services well.

Review your content. Refresh your content.

Timely refresh of your web content is a good way of keeping your website optimized for search engines. As your business evolves, so should the content as well. It is a good idea to create a map of your content topics.

Integrated Strategy 

We take an integrated strategy into Search Engine Optimization from looking at what's wrong with your website, developing the strategy for optimization, discovering the right topics, and ensuring social media is used appropriately to amplify your brand presence.

What we offer

CMO Needs offers Clients the following services:

  • Assessments and Strategy Development

    • Website performance assessment. Utilize insights to improve the performance of your marketing investments in line with your targeted market segments

    • SEO strategy. Where do you want traffic coming from? Focused targeting

  • Local Search Optimization

    • Optimize your site for local search using rich features provided by Location listings such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Foursquare among others.

  • Technical SEO

    • Develop Schema and Open Graph Codes

    • Comprehensive testing of all pages to get organic rich and featured snippets

  • Content Strategy and Blogging

    • Develop content strategy in line with your industry, products, and services

    • Write Blogs on relevant topics

  • Social Media

    • Social media optimization of your website

  • Advertising Investments

    • Optimized investments in online advertising in Google Ads, and Social media and improve RoI