Creating great websites requires the right blend of design, content, and Technology.

Since content is viewed across multiple devices, choose a website design which provides a seamless experience.

Responsive Website Designs

The way content is consumed today is changing. From Desktops to laptops, to  multiple types of smartphones, different gadgets and tools need to be thought about when designing Websites. Responsive designs adjust to the form factor of the device to provide users an optimal viewing experience.

Whether your business model is business to consumer or business to business, changes in online behavior has profound implications in the way your website should be designed.

Business to Consumer. For businesses reaching out to consumers, this means stepping into a new terrain, which is the connected world of online shopping - where businesses not only sell through their own websites but also through their digital mediums.

Business to Business. For businesses reaching out to other businesses, not only should the business be able to showcase the products effectively, but apply the principles of website design, social enablement of your content, and optimization of the content by understand analytics at a different level. 

Infuse Flexibility through Responsive Website Design

A responsive website makes user interaction flexible, by ensuring that your website fits exactly in any device that it is being viewed in, increasing productivity and accessibility to the user.  Responsive website design enables you to

  • Stay connected with your users through the online experience

  • Enables you to reach out to folks via social channels by promoting a single link of your website.

  • Easier navigation that increases your conversion rates (Improved ROI), and reduces bounce rates

  • Improves leads

  • Apply the concepts of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What we offer:

  • Experience of having built 100s of websites

  • Stronger, and more creative expression of content

  • Custom templates with back-end content management tools (CMS)

  • Form factor readiness by default

  • Prepare for Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Search Engine optimization by preparing the content for your organization, products and services, leadership, and your business addresses to conform to established standards

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